Top 37 Free Genesis Child Themes for 2014

Are you searching for a free genesis child theme? I’ve worked with the Genesis Framework for a couple of years now – and have compiled a list of the top Free Genesis Child Themes.

Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress

Have you ever gone to Pingdom Tools and received a near zero score on “leveraging browser caching”? This is really an easy fix that you can implement on your own blog.

Remove Shrinking Header in Genesis Centric Pro

This is a hack but it worked for me. Just replace the code below with the code in /js/global.js. The only difference is that I remove the “shrink” class in line 7.

Style the Genesis Author Box to Look Like Twitter Bio

I’ve worked with Genesis for almost two years now, and I think the two weakest styled parts of any Genesis Child Themes are the comments and the author box. The author box says a lot about you. Might as well make it look nice.