AppThemes Vantage NoFollow NoIndex the Archive Pages

Vantage is really a rough theme for SEO. If you have a directory, you are trying to get links, but then Vantage points all of those links away. Plus, there is a ton of duplication.

Add No Follow Links to App Themes Vantage

AppThemes’ Vantage does not have nofollow on the directory links nor the social icons. Replace this on single-listing.php to add no follow links (otherwise you will be following all the links off your page)

Why SEO Should Be Taught in College

If you were to interview someone working in SEO and ask how he or she began their careers, most of them will say that they just “happened” to become interested in the industry. These people may have a degree in English, or were avid writers, and then learned the SEO tools needed to promote their content. Or perhaps, they were web designers, and learned a few more skills that could make them an extra buck. People just seem to happen to fall into SEO.

Hummingbird + Keyword (Not Provided) = You Actually Have to Care

SEOs have been annoyed for the past week with Google. First, they took away our keywords on the Google Analytics reports. And then, they created Hummingbird.